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  2004.04.25  18.29

Anyways yesterday i hung out with shannyn and we took the little one to the park to run around and then we drove places ...i had a good time with her and then she dropped me off. I hung out with rent for a bit then jeff came over and they wnt over pats house i was doig some things online and then i got off and started to make dinnner rentr and jeff came back and there like yeah man what are you doing im like making dinner and all there like ooh man dude we where gonna gfo to ghallaghers and have a few beers. Im like go dude ill head up there when im finished dinner.so anyways i finish eating my dinner and then head up there open the door and guess what!!!!
NO rent and jeff i come back and call up im like YO! wtf whered you guys go...jeffs like oh man it was lame we left im like dude thanks for telling me and all where you guys at..hes like eating pizza well be back afterwards. im like ok. i wating watcheed jaws,Jaws II and Jaws: revenge and guess what they still where nopt back. So i said fuck it and went to sleep.

Today: I logg online and talk to shannyn for a bit and then she asks me if i wanted tot ake a ride with her and im like yeah man sure. so she picks me up and we had a really fun time ....

later i got to go to work first night im all excited ok my wrist hurets....im off



  2004.04.25  18.28

Yeah so i have an interview for that bouncing gig on wends.Im happy as fuck about that thanks to rent and his cuz jim who got me the job. Im psyched now i can pound out some much needed aggression. HAHHA


  2004.04.25  18.27

Its early now but i woke up around 6:30 to call R&P and they didnt need me rent had to go to jury duty and came back. He asked me if i still want to do that bouncer work with his cousin so tonight i may have some work. I sure as hell hope so i need the cash really bad.I keep getting pissed ill go to bed early so i can get up to call thse bastards who promised me work in the spring and all and they never have wrok. So who knows well see.



  2004.04.25  18.25

So im going to the liquor store to meet my friends sister and by them some booze right.And im going to this intersection adn i go to the corner...i look both ways theres this Black SUV coming my way from the left and coming up behind me is this white mini-van the mini-van had the right away and so i step off the curb and walk toward the next corner.The mini-van is in the middle of the intersection at that point and then the SUV dont stop and then BOOM! The SUV plows into the mini-van and The mini-van 360's my way and almost hits me i see the one side up in the air and sparks flying and hopped and jumped across the stareet my breath was lost. I swear it was like a whack ass action flick and all. Man im lucky to be alive....i didnt stick around afte that i went and met up with thosae people cause i todl them id be there and when i was done i called becky and was like OMG (the story) she picked me up and we took pics...by that time the cars where gone. It was deffinetly a rush.



  2004.04.25  18.25

Tick Tock Tick Tock........booooooooooredome..................Sexually frustrated.....madness


  2004.04.25  18.23

So today was lame i really dont have to tell you how it went ...cause it was no different then my other days except when the old man came hom...he was already pissed and was asking if the mail came. i was like no pop. he was like what the fuck i havent got any mail since monday!! i was like i know im waiting for a couple letters myself. Anyways im like dude cxall the postoffice and complain hes like ok...i logg off and i give him the phone hes like i aint doing it...you do it! Im like noway its your house and it your adress hes like i dont want to do it. Im like asshole just do it ...hes like theres the phone book you do it....i take the phone book turn on the stove burner and throw the book on top of it.....i said what book?!?! fucker...

i thought it was funny

till next time